How do consumers feel about point-of-sale finance?

Consumer attitudes towards point-of-sale finance

The way we shop today looks very different to how it did twenty, ten, even five years ago. Here we explore consumer attitudes towards point-of-sale finance, and how it can be seen as a desirable payment option for customers. Access our resources to find out more.

Delve into spending behaviour

POS finance remains a powerful driving force in consumer spending. Discover how this can benefit you and your customers (PDF).

Understanding needs

Motivational insight into consumer purchasing using POS finance.

Finance insights at a glance

Understand the demand for point-of-sale finance and how consumer shopping habits are changing.

A snapshot of attitudes

Explore how consumers use POS finance to best fit their lives and needs (PDF).

Research in numbers

94% of respondents said they would probably or definitely use POS finance again

83% said purchasing with POS finance meant they were able to spend more overall by spreading the payments

27% said if POS finance hadn't been available they would have gone to another store that did offer it

"As our consumer habits change, businesses are showing commitment to moving with the times, embracing new trends and nurturing deeper relationships with customers. Point-of-sale finance is playing a significant role in this shift."