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Customers who feel confident are more likely to buy from your business – and become repeat customers. Our range of finance products gives your customers the support they need to make those important purchase decisions.

For retailers, we offer personal loans with competitive APRs, interest-free loans over a range of lending periods, and buy-now-pay-later loans that can be payment-free for up to 12 months. 

  • We provide loans and finance products for the following retail products:

    • Home Improvement - Kitchens, Windows, Conservatories, Heating
    • Electrical - Sewing Machines, TVs, Sound Systems, Lights Systems
    • Furniture - Carpets, Sofas, Beds, Bathrooms, Furniture
    • PC & Leisure - Personal Computing, Phones, Exercise Equipment, Cycling/Bicycle Equipment
    • Other - Jewellery, Alloy Wheels / Motor Accessories



    Personal loan - interest free

    Personal loan - with buy now pay later

    Personal loan - interest bearing

    Finance type

    Fixed-term personal loan without interest

    Fixed-term personal loan where first monthly payment is deferred for a set period or until a specified future date

    Fixed-term personal loan with equal fixed monthly payments throughout the loan agreement

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    Interest applied?


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    Loan Value

    Up to £50,000 depending on product financed

    Up to £50,000 depending on product financed

    Up to £50,000 depending on product financed

    Loan term

    1 – 5 years

    1 – 5 years

    1 – 5 years

    Product details

    When it comes to repaying a Buy Now Pay Later loan, your customers have a few options:

    • The customer can begin repayments as planned when the first payment is due. We call it the end of the deferral period.
    • The customer can repay the loan in full before the first payment is due, either as a lump sum, or across several payments and they will not be charged interest. The customer may be charged a settlement fee, if this applies.
    • It’s also fine to repay part of the loan before the first payment, meaning the customer will pay less interest on the loan. When we receive the payment, we will reduce the loan balance by the sum of the repayment plus the interest rebate. The monthly payment will remain the same, so this may mean the customer repays the loan in full sooner.
    • Once the customer begins repayments they’re free to settle the loan at any time but if they make a full or partial payment after the date of the first repayment, they will not be entitled to a refund of any interest up until that date.
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Supporting your sales

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