With over 25 years’ experience in heating Britain’s homes, HomeServe certainly know how to keep their customers warm. They’ve got a network of local specialists all over the UK, and they provide a range of heating services, including boiler installations, repairs, system power flushes and smart thermostats.

But they understand that keeping warm can sometimes be costly. The lifespan of a boiler averages at 10 to 15 years and when it’s time to upgrade, customers may be left with a hefty price tag1.

So, HomeServe have joined forces with Barclays Partner Finance to offer their customers more affordable payment options.

Why Barclays Partner Finance?

Our brand’s reputation gave HomeServe confidence that we’d be the right retail provider for their business. We were also able to provide them with a range of products that met their customers’ needs, including a streamlined and efficient finance application journey.

The finance solutions that we offer, also had bearing on their decision. In particular, Interest Free Credit resonated well with their customers, and was seen as a key driver to increase volume and improve conversion rates.

“We have a great, open relationship with our Barclays team which enables us to identify opportunities to improve our business. From the weekly performance dashboard that provides rich and accurate MI. The eligibility calculator we recently introduced on our website which provides transparency to our customers and has helped create a better customer experience. We’re looking forward to working together in the future to continue to improve our customer’s journey. “ Paul Joesbury, Director of Finance, HomeServe HVAC

What does the future hold?

As the financial climate continues to change and consumers expect more from retailers, it’s now more important than ever that we focus on finding ways to satisfy their needs.

We’ll work closely with HomeServe to achieve this, and continually improve our finance journeys, ensuring the process is always clear and easy to use.

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1 homeserve.com/uk/heating/new-boiler