Needing little introduction, the pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Consumer spending is no exception. While lockdown measures and travel restrictions have placed limits on what we can spend our money on, we are seeing some new trends emerging.

Overall, the mood is one of caution. As governments and organisations around the world continue to work to limit the impact of the pandemic and the latest variants on a humanitarian level, many are turning their attention to the economy, and what steps we can take to protect budgets and businesses as we move forward. 

For retail businesses that have managed to adapt during these strange times, there is one important question: what does this mean for customers? 


The future of retail payments

Joshua Fabian Miller, Product & Proposition Director and Richard Brassey, Head of Business Partnerships, give their thoughts on key consumer trends and how the retail landscape has evolved, as well as taking an in-depth look at this year’s regulatory review and the impact it has had on the retail market. 


How are consumers feeling in the post-vaccine landscape?

Following one of the most challenging years ever faced by the sector, at last retail is showing some signs of recovery. Our latest research explores how attitudes to consumer spending have changed over the past year and how retailers can “immunise” themselves against future setbacks.

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