Giving your customer more confidence and control could lead to more conversions

Giving your customer more confidence and control could lead to more conversions

Last minute nerves and second thoughts – it’s natural for customers to want peace of mind when signing up for a new retail finance agreement.

It’s important that the loan agreement process is flexible and simple – from the moment the customer chooses the finance option at your checkout, to the moment they agree to the terms of their loan. Completing lengthy forms with jargon-filled terms, and no option to take them away and mull over the details, could increase your customer’s uncertainty and leave them feeling uncomfortable with their experience as a whole.

Sign Anywhere from Barclays Partner Finance helps bring clarity, speed and simplicity to the retail finance loan agreement process. With convenient access to their finance package, bite-sized information and one-click approval, Sign Anywhere provides your customers with a straightforward experience that could help make their purchase decision much easier.

Here, there – wherever your customers like

With today’s reliance on technology, privacy and control are two things that your customers are likely to expect from the retail finance application process.

Sign Anywhere comes integrated into your application process, so you can offer your customers an experience that’s secure and built to work around them. They can take their time to review their finance package and check the accuracy of their personal details on any device, at any time. Once they’re happy and have read the agreement, they can sign it electronically from your shop floor or their sofa at home with just a click. No need to print forms to sign and send back.

Naturally, financial jargon can muddy the water. But with Sign Anywhere, all of your customer’s loan details and information are structured into simple-to-understand chunks. The application form itself has also been simplified to gather important information, asking as few questions as possible. A quick win if your customer is looking for a speedy transaction.

A signed PDF version of the loan agreement will always be available to your customer too – we’ll send both you and your customer a copy via email.

“Our partners using Sign Anywhere today tell us that not only does it smooth the finance application process for the end customer, but also for our partners’ sales teams. For sales made in store it avoids having to print paperwork and that awkward wait for the customer to read through the terms and conditions. The fact that a customer can complete and sign an application on their own device is also an advantage in the current environment with social distancing measures in place.

For our partners with an online journey it’s a seamless experience for their customers, helping to reduce dropout at the last minute.

On top of that, Sign Anywhere gives digital assurance from the customer that they understand their new finance agreement and their details are all correct, a definite plus for both the customer and our partners."

Richard Brassey, Head of Business Partnerships at Barclays Partner Finance.

Flexing to fit your business and your customers

The finance agreement experience has to fit in with your business and your customers, so flexibility in delivery is key. Customers can sign either using your in-store device, or securely on their own mobile device. This makes it suitable for multiple sales channels (in-store, online and telesales), all leading to the same digital signing journey.

In-store is simple using your store’s mobile device to complete a retail finance application, there and then. When the customer chooses the finance option, your team can take them through the application process quickly and easily, handing over the device when it comes to reading and signing the finance agreement. Customers can confirm their identity using a simple SMS code sent to their mobile phone before signing online.

Alternatively, your customers can fully self-serve their purchases and finance application, from beginning to end. At your checkout on their own device, customers can select the retail finance option, choose their instalments and enter their details with a click of a button. If the decision’s successful, they’ll receive confirmation with a link to view their terms at any time. This could help to speed up the signing process and, if using options like click & collect, customers can complete their application before collecting their purchase.

The benefits of these simple checkout options can be seen on the sales floor where your staff can integrate the process into their sales conversation and leave the customer to continue their application privately. And because the customer is filling in their details, there are likely to be fewer errors and snags to deal with.

A seamless digital journey from start to finish

See how the simplicity and convenience of Sign Anywhere could give your customers the reassurance they need to complete their purchase with retail finance here. Contact us today to discuss adding retail finance as a payment option for your customers.

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