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Help with making a loan application

  • To make a new customer loan application, please use the 'Client log in' in the main website navigation.

    If you’ve forgotten your login details, or you’ve been locked out of the system, please contact our sales support team on:
    0800 634 3914
    9am - 8pm Monday to Saturday
    10am - 6pm Sunday

  • We provide training materials and support to help you make sure all sales staff know how to efficiently and accurately process a loan application.

    Please contact your Area Sales Manager for details.  

  • To apply for a BPF loan, customers must provide you with a document from the list below, which confirms their identity and signature:

    • A valid UK bank debit card or credit card
    • A valid passport
    • A valid European identity card
    • A valid full UK paper or photocard driving licence
    • A valid UK provisional photocard driving licence
    • A valid driving licence
  • If a customer's application is declined by us, we’ll provide them with a decline letter that explains what they should do next. There are a number of reasons why a customer might be declined a loan and for data protection reasons, we are not able to tell you why. The decline letter will explain how the customer can contact us for further explanation.

    If the customer would like to appeal the decision, please direct them to our Customer Services Team on 0800 634 3914, selecting the appeals option on the automated system.

  • If the status of the agreement on the application system has not yet changed to ‘live’ – so if it has a status of ‘accepted’, ‘parked’ or ‘snagged’ – then you can cancel the application by calling our Client Services Helpdesk on 0800 634 3914.

    Once cancelled in this way, the application will then show a status of ‘not taken up’.

    If the application has already gone live, but you have agreed to cancel the customer’s purchase and/or finance, then please send the cancellation request via email to: OperationsCancellations@barclayscorp.com

    You will not need to send the payment back to us unless we request it as the payment is automatically refunded back through the system.
    Please include the customer’s name and account number in any correspondence.

    Note: For many of our Business Partners, we have agreed to only accept email cancellation requests from a designated contact (often someone at head office). If you are unsure who has cancellation authority in your business, please contact your head office or Area Sales Manager for guidance. 

  • You can log into the point-of-sale application system at any time to view the status of an application. You’ll be able to search for the application using the unique agreement number or the applicant’s name or postcode. Once we have received and processed all signed loan documents, the status of the loan application will be updated to ‘live’.

    If the status on the agreement does not change as you would expect it to, please call our client services team on 0800 634 3914 who will be able to investigate it for you.

    When the 'status' of the agreement on the application system moves to 'live', the funds have been released.

  • Please refer to your loan application system guide for advice on how to return to an agreement to complete it or, in the case of a 'newly created' status, use the search function to pinpoint your agreement and proceed from there.

    If you have any queries please contact us on 0800 634 3914

  • Status Description          

    Newly created

    An application has been partially submitted or is not yet completed


    We can provide the loan


    Our underwriting team is making extra checks and may need more information.

    Introducer pending

    Our underwriting team has asked for more information and is waiting for you to respond


    We have accepted the loan application and we have received all the paperwork we need. The loan will be paid when we get confirmation that the goods or services have been delivered, provided or installed.


    Our fulfilment team needs more information or paperwork, as shown in the application summary


    We will not offer the loan. There can be a number of reasons why we have made this decision, and we are happy to discuss this directly with the customer if they ask


    The deal has been activated that day and will become live overnight


    We have approved the loan and the customer’s account is now active


    The deal has been cancelled and the customer has returned the money

    Conditionally accepted

    We have accepted the application but with certain conditions attached, which are shown in the application summary

    Documents received

    There has been a technical error. Please contact your area sales manager or call the sales support line

    Not taken up

    The application has been cancelled, usually because it has been replaced by another application

    Quote online

    We have provided a formal quote but are waiting for the customer to make a full application

    Activation fail

    The application has not been submitted because of a technical issue in our system. Please check the status again in 24 hours

Help with loan payouts

  • Payment will normally be received 24 hours after the customer’s loan account has gone live. Once we have received all necessary paperwork and the loan account has been activated, we will usually generate payment the next working day.

  • Log into the application system and select the administration tab. You will see a drop-down menu that reads ‘view settlement schedule’. In the search box that appears, DO NOT specify any search criteria, just select all and press search.

    All of the advance and commission statements will populate, so just select the one you need via the amount received on your bank statement.

    If you can't locate what you are looking for, please contact us on 0800 634 3914.

Help with customer payment queries

  • This depends on the type of loan the customer takes out and the information can be found on the customer’s credit agreement.

  • All monthly repayment instalments are collected via Direct Debit. Customers can download a  Direct Debit Mandate (PDF 158kb) form here. 

  • Yes, customers can make additional payments against their loan.

    They’ll need to call 0800 15 22 888 and use our 24 hour service. Additional payments can be made via standing order, cheque or debit card, or over the counter at any UK bank.

    Please direct your customer to the Managing your account  page on this site for information on how to make additional payments.

  • Yes, third party direct debits can be set up. Customers can download a Direct Debit Mandate (PDF 158kb) form here. 

  • Yes, customers will receive a reminder text or email one month before the buy now pay later period expires.

  • They can call Customer Services on 0800 15 22 888. The settlement figure option is available 24 hours a day.

  • If goods are being delivered, we require a delivery note as confirmation. If goods are being installed, we require the customer to sign a satisfaction note to activate the agreement. 

Help with common customer queries

  • For security or fraud reasons, we are not always able to do this. Please contact us to discuss.

  • Customers will receive a statement annually, sent out on the anniversary of their loan. 

  • Customers have a right to withdraw from their credit agreement within 14 days of the date that they entered the agreement with Barclays Partner Finance.

    This right to withdrawal relates to the finance agreement, not the purchase of the produce: the customer will still be liable to pay for the product unless you agree to a product cancellation too.

    To withdraw, the customer should be directed to our Customer Services team on 0800 634 3914, where the request for withdrawal will be processed and repayment arrangements can be made.
    Customers can read further information on the Your loan explained page of this site.

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