Instalments for Amazon

Barclays Partner Finance offers Instalments – a convenient, reusable way to spread the cost of your purchases.

What is Instalments for Amazon?

Instalments for Amazon is a reusable credit account for purchases on amazon.co.uk, which lets you spread the cost of eligible purchases.

With instalment plans ranging from 3 to 48 payments and a minimum spend of £100, you can use your instalment account as much or as little as you like without needing to reapply – providing you stay within your spending limits.

To be eligible to apply for an instalment account, you’ll need to be 18 or over and have been a UK resident for the last three years. Our frequently asked questions have more details about the information you’ll need to apply.

How does it work?

You apply for an instalment account at the Amazon checkout. We’ll ask you some questions about your finances to give you a credit limit and a monthly payment limit that you can comfortably afford. These are two different limits.

Your credit limit is the total amount that you can spend overall.

Your monthly payment limit is the total amount your payments can add up to each month, across all of your instalment plans. You can’t add new plans if the monthly payments would take you over your monthly payment limit, and when you finish paying off a plan, more of your monthly payment limit will become available.

Each time you choose Instalments at the checkout, you’ll take out a new instalment plan and choose a monthly payment amount and duration that best fits your needs.

You’ll make one monthly payment by Direct Debit for all of your plans, which we’ll automatically adjust as you pay off old plans and take out new ones.

Before you apply

Understanding your instalment account

Making an application

Your agreement

All about payments

Cancelling or returning your order

Closing your account

Money worries

Making a complaint


Other FAQs

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