Instalments for Amazon

A credit account you can use again and again to spread the cost of shopping at amazon.co.uk

What is Instalments for Amazon?

It’s a simple and convenient way to spread the cost when you spend £100 or more on amazon.co.uk.

You choose the plan length from 3 to 48 months and apply for finance straight from the checkout. If approved, you’ll get a reusable credit limit to spend. There’s no fees for taking out a plan and as you make monthly repayments, you’ll free up the credit available within your limit, so you can reuse it for other purchases with Amazon. 

You will see this referred to as ‘Instalments by Barclays’ on the Amazon website.


If you’re eligible for an Instalments for Amazon account, you can reuse it and purchase more without reapplying. 


Using your financial status, we’ll set a credit limit and monthly payment limit we think you can comfortably afford, giving you flexibility for future purchases


Track your plan(s), spending and transactions from amazon.co.uk with a few taps in the Barclays app

Understanding your plan

Let's take a closer look at four key parts of a plan to help you understand how it works.

How it all works


1. Apply for an Instalments for Amazon account

You start by adding a £150 camera to your basket at amazon.co.uk

The minimum amount you can spend to spread the cost with instalments is £100

You continue to the Amazon checkout to buy the camera

At the checkout, select ‘Instalments by Barclays’ as your payment method and apply for an instalment account


2. Create your first instalment plan

You choose a 3-month instalment plan with a monthly payment of £50

If you’re applying on a mobile device and have the Barclays app you can use it to complete your application. It’ll fill in the details for you with just a few gaps for you to confirm.

The application process is simple. Answer a few questions about yourself and your finances. When you click submit, you are agreeing to a credit check

You’re approved for the instalment plan! Once you sign your agreement online, you’ll see your overall credit limit and monthly payment limit.

You’re given an overall credit limit of £3,000 and monthly payment limit of £500 – these figures will be based on what Barclays think you can comfortably afford.

Your new 3 month plan to buy the camera takes your available credit limit to £2,850

Download the Barclays app if you don’t have it already to view your account details, including your remaining overall credit limit and monthly payment limit


3. Create your second instalment plan

A few weeks later you return to Amazon to purchase a £300 bike

Your ‘Instalments by Barclays account is available as a way to pay at the checkout

You won’t need to reapply – we’ll quickly check your circumstances haven’t changed

This won’t affect your credit score

You choose a 12-month plan with a monthly payment of £25

This reduces your available credit limit to £2,550


4. Both plans are combined to give you a £75 monthly payment

Your monthly payment by Direct Debit is now £75

This combines your £50 payment for the camera…and £25 payment for the bike

£425 of your £500 monthly payment limit remains available


5. Pay off your first plan

After three months, you’ve paid off your first plan for the £150 camera

This increases your available credit limit to £2,700

Your monthly payment is reduced to £25 while you pay off your second plan


6. Pay off your second plan

After 12 months, you’ve paid off the second plan for the £300 bike

Assuming you’ve made no further purchases in that time, your available credit limit returns to £3,000 and your entire £500 monthly payment limit is available…

…ready for further purchases from Amazon.

How to register for the Barclays app

Watch our six-step guide showing you how to register for the Barclays app, where you’ll be able to:

  • keep track of your instalment plans
  • pay off your balance in full
  • check your spending and transactions whenever you like 

Before you apply

Understanding your instalment account

Making an application

Your agreement

All about payments

Change in financial circumstances

Cancelling or returning your order

Closing your account

Money worries

Making a complaint


Other FAQs

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