What is retail finance?

Helping your customers spread the cost

Helping your customers spread the cost

Point of sale finance helps your customers to spread the cost of buying from you, and could help you to make more sales.
Offering retail finance as a payment option can help to attract new customers, increase conversion rates, reduce purchase journey drop out and increase basket size.

Increased conversion rates

Offering POS finance payment options can help you to attract a new customer base who may not have been in the market to shop with you just yet. Fixed monthly payments and low or 0% APR options can help customers to make a decision about a purchase, provided it fits with their monthly budget.

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Customers choosing point of sale finance can complete every step of their application on their own device, including verifying their identity and digitally signing their agreement either in store or online.

Increases basket size

The opportunity to spread the cost and choose an option that comfortably fits their monthly budget gives customers the flexibility to spend a little more on the products and specifications they really want.

Reduce purchase journey drop out

Integrated into your purchase journey, our straightforward application process is easy for your customers to apply for in minutes. Real-time decisions and digital signing helps reduce dropout rates at the checkout.

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