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Barclays Partner Finance legacy finance for car purchases

From 2010 to 2019 Clydesdale Financial Services Ltd (CFSL), trading as Barclays Partner Finance (BPF), provided finance for car purchases.

The FCA have today, 11 January 2024, announced that owing to the high number of complaints to motor finance firms claiming compensation for commission arrangements, that it will now be using its powers to review historical motor finance commission arrangements and sales across several firms.

As always BPF will fully co-operate with the FCA, and if consumer detriment is found, BPF will take action to put things right. 

In the interim, the FCA have announced a pause of the 8-week deadline for motor finance firms to provide a final response to relevant customer complaints.  The pause will apply to complaints about motor finance agreements where there was a discretionary commission arrangement between the lender and the broker, received by us on or after 17th November 2023 and on or before 25th September 2024, and will last for 37 weeks (approximately 9 months).  This pause will allow the FCA to analyse the issue and decide what, if any, further action including legal steps are necessary.

Consumers will also have up to 15 months to refer their complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, rather than the usual 6 months. This extension applies to complaints where we have sent a final response in the period beginning with 12 July 2023 and ending with 10 January 2024, or where we have sent a final response during the period beginning with 11 January 2024 and ending with 20 November 2024.

Please find more information on the FCA website, links below.



If you have any queries, concerns or would like to raise a complaint regarding your BPF motor loan, please get in touch with us.  Options of how to contact us are shown below: 

If you do contact us, we'll need:

  • your 16-digit Barclays Partner Finance account number
  • as much detail about the complaint as possible, including any letters or photographs
  • information on what action you'd like us to take
  • up-to-date contact details so that we can keep you updated on your complaint

Please note: To ensure privacy, there may be occasions when we need to respond by post.