Remote Document Verification

Remote Document Verification

Simple online ID authentication

Quick and easy

Built in to our online application, Remote Document Verification (RDV) enables your customer to quickly and easily confirm their identity without leaving or breaking the application process.
Customers who need to confirm their identity are moved seamlessly into the RDV process and can use their own device to continue. They will be given clear instructions on photographing and submitting their chosen ID, and on taking a suitable selfie to submit for corroboration. The RDV process can help to reduce fraud by asking a customer to verify their identity straight from their device.

No break in the application process

Customers going through Remote Document Verification won’t see a break in their application journey and can complete the process using their own device.
In a matter of seconds, we will confirm if the customer has passed the ID verification, allowing them to complete their application seamlessly.

Flexible billing and delivery addresses

Having RDV built in to the application process means that you can offer your customers the opportunity to send their purchase to an address that’s different to their billing address. Great for gifting for example, or if your customer is buying items for a new house.
This also means you can offer Click & Collect options for customers purchasing using finance.

Our capabilities

Intuitive, quick application

In store, or online, or a combination of the two, your customers can easily apply at a time and place that suits them.

No paperwork required

Customers can sign their finance agreement with just a click at a time and place to suit them with Sign Anywhere built-in

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