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Giving your customers options with interest-free credit

Price rises in fuel, groceries, transport and energy are pushing consumers to reassess their budgets and evaluate what essential purchases are. Some could be questioning how they might pay for necessity purchases. Using finance options to pay for these large necessity purchases could be a way to spread the cost in a manageable way. Find out more.


Retail parks – the new High Street?

Take a walk down any High Street in the UK and you’ll soon see how people’s shopping behaviours have changed. Sadly, many big names and high street favourites have disappeared from towns and cities during the pandemic, but some have moved to out-of-town retails parks. Find out more.


The 'cost of living crisis'

There’s no denying that financially, times are tough for many people in the UK. With virtually every news bulletin talking about rising energy prices, increasing inflation, and supply chain bottlenecks, it’s only to be expected that consumers’ spending habits have changed – and will continue to do so. Find out more about these changes.


Getting to know Barclays Partner Finance CEO Antony Stephen

Antony Stephen, CEO at Barclays Partner Finance talks about his career, joining BPF and his vision for the future. Antony’s focus is on scaling the point-of-sale (POS) finance business in the UK and providing senior leadership to Barclays’ next-generation commerce platform. Find out more.


The omnichannel shopping experience – what does that mean for you and your customers?

Over the past few years, high street shops have had to close temporarily due to the pandemic so many retailers had to rethink and pivot their business models. That contributed to a change in consumer attitudes towards spending. As consumer expectations and attitudes evolve, should the shift towards omnichannel experience be front of mind for growing businesses?


Encouraging your customers to spend smart

As a business, you want your customers to spend well. But that doesn’t necessarily mean spending more often. No – we’re talking about spending smart. As the way customers shop continues to evolve, attracting new ones while retaining those you already have could be a real challenge. Offering retail finance as a payment option could be a great way to help grow your business. Find out more.


The future of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’

The ability for consumers to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) has been a hot topic in the world of finance for a few years now – and has received criticism from some quarters. For some consumers, BNPL can be a convenient way of spreading the cost of their shopping, but there are concerns whether people are spending more than they can afford and adding to existing debts, which they might already be struggling to manage. Read more.


How the pandemic is ringing the changes for the jewellery industry

The retail market has evolved over the past few years. In our latest report we look at how the jewellery market has been affected specifically by the effects of the pandemic and how it’s adapted to survive and continue growing. Read the full report here.


A little reassurance could make all the difference

Our Eligibility Checker tool is designed to help customers quickly understand if they are likely to be accepted for finance and, in some cases, how much they are likely to be able to borrow overall. This personal snapshot of their loan could be the difference between a converted sale and an abandoned basket.


Generation subscription: An increasing trend

Subscription-based payment models appear to be changing the way people shop and how businesses operate today. But what does our love of rolling subscriptions tell us – and how can you use this information to benefit your customers?


How positive friction can make a positive difference for you and your customers

We understand that to deliver a great customer experience we need to meet two main objectives a straightforward, simple and speedy application process; and an application that gives the customer chances to stop, reflect and make informed financial decisions. Find out more.

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