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How are consumers feeling in the post-vaccine landscape?

Following one of the most challenging years ever faced by the sector, at last retail is showing some signs of recovery. Our latest research explores how attitudes to consumer spending have changed over the past year and how retailers can “immunise” themselves against future setbacks.


A world without cash?

Richard Brassey, Head of Business Partnerships, Barclays Partner Finance, and Marc Pettican, President, Barclays Payments, give their thoughts on the direction retail payments are headed and how close we really are to being a cashless society.


The role of positive friction in a great customer journey

In our latest report we look at how we’ve reduced customer frustration while embracing positive friction moments in our customer journeys. Find out more about how we’ve achieved this balance for our partners.


Staying supportive during a global pandemic

The pandemic has changed life for us all. And for businesses, it’s meant they’ve had to change the way they work – possibly for ever. Richard Brassey, Head of Business Partnerships at Barclays Partner Finance, talks about what effects the pandemic has had on the retail landscape, and the way the business supports its partners. Find out more.


Keeping up with an ever-evolving retail landscape

Joshua Fabian-Miller, Product and Proposition Director at Barclays Partner Finance explains how the financial sector is evolving, and how he stays at the front foot of regulatory and market changes.


Climbing the ranks: could Click & Collect be the future of shopping?

Click & Collect was already predicted to take off in 2020 but the pandemic saw a steep increase of users – far beyond the forecasts. We dive into what led to the growth and whether it could be the future of shopping.


The value of customer personalisation

The way we shop today is very different to how it was even a year ago. As consumers, we expect brands to understand our needs.  These expectations, however, appear to evolve with new innovations and launches. This means you may need to rethink and refine your strategies to offer products and services that resonate with consumers’ lifestyles. Find out more.


Enhancing customer trust through retail finance

Creating positive customer outcomes and experiences could help drive satisfaction, loyalty and recommendations from consumers, and deliver future sales and business growth - but underpinning it all is trust. Find out more.


The impact of Coronavirus on consumer spending

The retail environment is continually evolving. But not just because of today’s restrictions but also because of the needs of today’s consumer. Find out the true impact the past year has had on consumer spending.


How to deal with coronavirus in business

Coronavirus has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Our latest consumer research report explores what this really looks like for the average household, taking a closer look at the changing priorities of customers and unpacking consumer sentiment around past, present, and future spending plans.


Why are your customers abandoning their shopping baskets?

Customers abandoning their baskets is one of the biggest challenges facing retailers today. Explore why customers are walking away from their purchases and understand how you could prevent this from happening.


Help increase your customer base by offering 0%

Giving customers a choice of payment methods, including an option for interest-free finance, could be a great way to grow your customer base. So, what’s stopping you finding out more?


Explore the way your customers are spending in the age of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Our latest consumer research report explores what this really looks like for the average household, taking a closer look at the changing priorities of customers and unpacking consumer sentiment around past, present, and future spending plans.


Helping HomeServe heat up Britain

With over 25 years’ experience in heating Britain’s homes, HomeServe certainly know how to keep their customers warm. But they understand that keeping warm can sometimes be costly. That’s why they joined forces with us to offer their customers more affordable payment options.


Is your ecommerce ready for today’s changing retail climate?

As consumers have got used to being able to buy at any time, wherever they are, and on whatever device they have to hand, as growth in online sales have shown. Your ecommerce approach is now more important than ever, so why not find out more?


Thriving in a new role in a global pandemic

Emily Gaskin, Head of Retail Propositions at Barclays Partner Finance tells us what is was like starting a new role during a global pandemic, and how she’s adapted to a virtual working environment.


Building a sustainable future for customers and retail

Ensuring new loans are affordable for the customer remains a key focus for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so it’s vital that we continue to act in the most responsible way possible. Find out what this means for you. 


Has the Covid-19 crisis changed the way your customers think about spending?

While lockdown measures and travel restrictions have placed limits on what we can spend our money on, we are seeing some surprising new trends emerging.


Helping A1 to make the connection

A1 Comms pride themselves on providing affordable communication solutions to people around the UK. However, with technology constantly advancing, and customers wanting more and more features, the cost of keeping connected is going up and up.


Why breadth of choice and clarity are what the ‘new consumer’ craves

Financial stability is front of mind for many – and it’s essential that retailers are able to understand and react to the rising demands of the ‘new consumer’.


Giving your customer more confidence and control

Sign Anywhere provides your customers with a straightforward experience that could help make their purchase decision much easier.


Offer your customers more ways to spread the cost

Customers like choice – that’s a given. And giving them a great choice can help them find that special purchase they want.


Managing a team remotely during a global pandemic

Helen Long, Head of Product Governance at Barclays Partner Finance discusses how she’s thrived and supported her team during a global pandemic.

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