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Generation subscription: An increasing trend

With many stores temporarily closed amidst the coronavirus crisis, subscription-based payment models are a growing trend.


Why finance could be the answer to some of your customer’s concerns

Our expert Costa Stathis on why you should promote finance across the sales journey.


Enhancing customer trust through POS finance

For many businesses that operate within the FCA regulatory framework, changes to rules and guidelines can seem a challenge. Discover how you can benefit from those changes and create customer experiences that help to build trust in your brand.


Remote Document Verification: Why it works

Mitigate fraud remotely as part of the finance application process; making the process more efficient for you and a positive experience for your customers.


Seamless customer journeys, and the role of POS finance

Customer interactions with retailers are increasingly driven by a demand for flexibility, convenience and seamless purchasing journeys. Find out how you could create a great customer experience.


Why are your customers abandoning their shopping carts?

Customers abandoning their baskets is one of the biggest challenges facing retailers today. Explore why customers are walking away from their purchases and understand how you could prevent this from happening.


What you need to know about selling to Generation Z

Generation Z are the youngest generation of current consumers, so find out more about their shopping habits, preferences and what you can do to keep up with their rapidly evolving needs.


The value of customer personalisation

Customer experiences are increasingly shaping expectations. Consumers expect much more from their shopping experiences, including personalised discounts and offers. Find out how personalisation could help your business.


Improve don't move: A new mantra for UK homeowners

As more UK residents choose home improvements over searching for a new property, we outline the latest trends and how your customers can finance their home makeovers in a way that works for them.


Showrooming vs. Webrooming

As the digital revolution continues, more of us are hitting the shops smartphone in hand. Discover how to deliver great in-store and online joined up experiences that shoppers crave.


Turning anxious shoppers into action shoppers

Introducing finance early into the purchase journey, could help your customers understand what they can afford. Find out how POS finance could help your customers buy the products they really want.


What does 2019 have in store for retailers?

From Brexit to Glastonbury, take a look at which key events are expected to shape retail over the coming year.


Changes to Buy Now Pay Later

Explore the details of the Consumer Rights Act, covering the new rights and remedies for the supply of goods, and unfair terms in consumer contracts.


Creating the right balance between in store and online

As the popularity of online shopping has grown, our research shows it hasn’t diminished the need for ‘bricks and mortar’. Explore why creating a great omnichannel shopping experience could be the way forward.

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