Employment issues

employment issues

Has your employment status changed?

You rely on your job. You work hard. But sometimes things change, and that can be scary. 

Perhaps you’ve taken a pay cut because your company’s run into problems. Or out of the blue, you lose your job altogether. Maybe you decide to work part time in order to study, and can no longer afford your loan. Or worst of all, you have an accident that leaves you completely unable to work.

When something affects your work, understandably money will be a worry.

You might feel like things are out of control

Whether or not it was anticipated, the change in your work life means your income has taken a hit. Suddenly the end of each month looms as the bills in your letterbox pile up. Thinking about it only makes you uneasy, so leaving bills unopened is easier. You might feel like your only option is to borrow more money.

Stop. Take a breath.

It doesn’t need to happen like this – we can help you take back control.

Our specialist team is here to help. Call us today and we will do what we can to support you.

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