Letting us know

What we’ll do next

Once you’ve notified us, we’ll make the process of closing the accounts as smooth as possible.

Ways to notify us

However you choose to contact us, you’ll only need the person’s name, address and date of birth to notify us of their death.


Our online form lets you notify us, once you’ve filled in the form details about yourself and the person who has passed away, we’ll be in touch to let you know what happens next.

You can also notify a number of banks and building societies about a person’s death at the same time using the Death Notification Service.


You can call us on 0800 1522 888 to speak directly to a dedicated customer service  adviser.


You can write to us at

BPF Bereavement Team
PO Box 2501
Cardiff, CF23 0FP

Please add the 16 digit account number to any documents you send us.

What we’ll do next

Once you’ve told us about the person’s death, we’ll stop any further communications to the account holder. It takes a short time to arrange this, so you might receive letters addressed to them in the meantime. We’re very sorry for any distress this causes.

We'll freeze any Barclays Partner Finance accounts that are in the deceased’s name and suspend all Direct Debits. You may need to contact the bank to cancel any standing orders that may be in place.

We’ll aim to make the whole process of closing the accounts as easy as possible for you.

Documents we’ll need to close the account

You can send these documents by post– we’ll make photocopies and return the originals to you.

1. Proof of Death

This is the certified copy of the death certificate provided by the registrar. We also accept interim death certificates and coroner’s certificates.

2. Proof of your identity

You’ll need to show one of the following:

  • Driving Licence – Current and in date: UK; EU or EEA photo-card driving licence, UK issued only: full paper driving licence or provisional photo-card driving licence. 
  • Passport – Current and in date.
  • National Identity Card - Current and in date EU or EEA excludes ID cards from Romania and Greece. 
  • Notification of entitlement to: state or local authority benefit; tax credits; pension (from the Department of Work and Pensions) or a government or local authority grant - these must be dated in the last 12 months and show your full name and address. 
  • HMRC tax coding or correspondence - showing your permanent National Insurance number (also acceptable if the number has been omitted/replaced by “xxxx”); tax assessment or tax credits statement - these must be dated within the last 12 months and show your full name and address.  

3. Grant of Probate (Confirmation in Scotland) or Letters of Administration

If we need this, we’ll let you know.

Closing other Barclays accounts and services

If you would like more information about how bereavement impacts other Barclays products and services please visit Barclays bereavement.

The next steps

Financial and emotional support

Life after loss

We’ll give you practical help to get you through the first weeks and months following a bereavement, and tell you about free services that can help you cope with your loss.

Definition of terms

Jargon buster

Check our glossary for an explanation of any legal terms you’re unfamiliar with.