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We know that making an expensive purchase can be a big decision. Our loans are designed with you in mind, to make the choice that little bit easier.

No matter what you're financing – an extra bathroom to help beat the morning race for the shower, or a new sofa to replace a well-loved favourite – our personal loans, available through your retailer, are designed to help spread the cost.

  • Retail finance products Retail finance products

    We provide loans and finance products, through our approved network of retailers, for the following retail products:

    • Home Improvement - Kitchens, Windows, Conservatories, Heating
    • Electrical - Sewing Machines, TVs, Sound Systems, Lights Systems
    • Furniture - Carpets, Sofas, Beds, Bathrooms, Furniture
    • PC & Leisure - Personal Computing, Phones, Exercise Equipment, Cycling/Bicycle Equipment
    • Other - Jewellery, Alloy Wheels / Motor Accessories


    Personal loan - interest free

    Personal loan - with buy now pay later

    Personal loan - interest bearing

    Finance type

    Fixed-term personal loan without interest

    Fixed-term personal loan where first monthly payment is deferred for a set period or until a specified future date

    Fixed-term personal loan with equal fixed monthly payments throughout the loan agreement

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    Interest applied?


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    Loan Value

    Up to £50,000 depending on product financed

    Up to £50,000 depending on product financed

    Up to £50,000 depending on product financed

    Loan term

    1 – 5 years

    1 – 5 years

    1 – 5 years

    Product details

    Under a buy now pay later loan, customers can choose from the following options:

    • Repay the loan in full (only during the buy now pay later period or before the deferral period ends). There is no interest to pay, but there may be a settlement fee
    • Start to make repayments after the buy now pay later deferral period ends, we will add interest to the loan from the start of the loan agreement and you make regular monthly repayments
    • Interest is charged from the start of the loan agreement if you do not pay off the loan before the end of the deferral period
  • Who can apply? Who can apply?

    To be eligible to apply for one of our finance products, you must be:

    • 18 years or over on the date of application
    • A permanent UK resident for a minimum of three years and either:
      • In regular, permanent employment working a minimum of 16 hours a week (including students)
      • Self-employed
      • Retired from regular employment and aged 50 years or older
      • Not working due to a disability

    All applications are subject to a credit check and successfully meeting our underwriting criteria.

Managing your account

Managing your account

How to make payments, obtain an account balance and update your personal details

Your loan explained

Your loan explained

Find out about interest rates, APR and the fees associated with your loan

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